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What makes Soundset the best music distribution for independent artists ?

At Soundset, we are on a mission to empower artists and revolutionize the music industry. As independent artists ourselves, we have experienced the frustrations and limitations of Routenote, Distrokid, Amuse and the others music distribution companies.
That's why we created Soundset, to give artists full control over their musical journey.

We believe that every artists or music groups deserves to be heard, fairly compensated, and provided with transparent distribution. With our platform, we have eliminated hidden fees, introduced unlimited free music distribution and partnered with over 200 global music platforms.

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to supporting artists, providing personalized assistance, and helping them reach their full potential. We understand the challenges and aspirations of fellow creators, and we're here to guide artists towards success.

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Our Values

These values reflect our commitment to artists and our passion for revolutionizing the music industry.


We believe in empowering artists to take control of their music careers, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed on their own terms.


We value transparency in our operations, ensuring that artists have a clear understanding of the distribution process and earnings.


We strive to create a level playing field for artists, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work and have equal opportunities for exposure.


We relentlessly strive to enhance and elevate the user experience, constantly seeking ways to improve and provide our artists with the best possible tools.

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